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Why should you read The Opposition?

June 13, 2011

It has become very clear to everyone involved in this venture that one of the single greatest challenges we are going to face is to get a consistent level of readership and interest in this here website.  There are thousands upon thousands of blogs dotting the internet dedicated to every tiny detail of Canadian and International politics, so why should we expect big things for The Opposition when we’ll be sharing so many ideas with myriad websites?  I could go on at length about “Straight talk and hard news” but I fear that tagline has already been taken, and the “middle ground” approach has already been staked out.  So why should you read The Opposition?

It’s simple; we’re here to have frank discussions on important issues.

Each contributor that you will see posting on The Opposition will be different from the next.  Whether writing about Aboriginal Affairs, Same-Sex Marriage, Tax increases, Stimulus Spending or Acts of War, there will be many differing opinions on each subject that will hopefully allow for readers to see all sides of the issue (escaping the dreaded ‘confirmation bias’) and to be better informed of the issues.  There is no agenda here, nor is anyone paid or even employed to post opinions that are not their own.  Everything you read on The Opposition will be the opinions of those posting and nothing else.

All articles and conversations will be civil and polite, while outrage will be equal.  As an organization, we simply cannot risk our reputation by picking favourites when it comes to Parties, Politicians or Policies.  Everything and everyone will be subject to the same scrutiny.  It is as simple as that.  Each story reported, or each opinion expressed, will be factually and intellectually honest.  As was mentioned in an earlier submission, there will be no talking points or partisan shilling.  The Opposition will hopefully reflect what normal people talk about, and if you are in tune with how most ‘normal people’ talk, you would know that many do not use political jargon or canned lines from the various Parties.

Most importantly, this organization and website will help in keeping the Government, the Politicians and the Political Parties honest.  There is much that goes on in the various levels of Government that people never hear about or simply never understand.  We will aim to shed some light on the tough issues that face our governments and aim to help all readers understand and form an educated opinion.

Last but not least, if you find that we are nothing like what I outlined above, we hope to be interesting and thought provoking.  If we do our jobs correctly, we will be giving multiple perspectives on difficult issues and we will do it without being pedantic or petty.  The articles may be long, the topics may be controversial (hopefully not boring, though) and the opinions may be brash, but we are, like most people who have opinions, simply speaking our minds.

We appreciate your readership and hope you return often.  Feel free to spread our url around and even recommend us (or directly link us) to friends if you so choose.   If you ever have suggestions, or simply want to start a discussion, feel free to post or send us messages directly.  We launch in a week and have already received feedback on our site layout, writing style and been given suggestions on what to write about.  Here’s hoping we continue on an upward trajectory.

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