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Meet Our Writers

Parker Mackay

Born and raised in North York, Ontario, Parker is currently in his third year of Political Sciences at Glendon College, a campus of York University in Toronto, Ontario.  Politically active from a young age, he has taken part in a variety of political organizations, both partisan and non-partisan, since Middle School.  When not discussing, writing or reading about politics, he enjoys writing music, playing the guitar, jogging and playing with his two black dogs, Maggie and Mollie.  Parker founded The Opposition in 2011.

Sushil Tailor
Treasurer & Administrator

Currently residing in the cookie cutter neighbourhoods of Brampton, Ontario, Sushil is a student at York University, studying for a BA Honours in Economics, after realizing that the field of accounting was exceptionally free of fun. He blogs about political and economic issues and puts a focus on the most pressing issues of tomorrow often with solutions of his own; be it with peak oil, climate change, healthcare, senior’s pension, digital technologies, or the asteroid that might hit Earth in 2036. He also games with his PS3, spends his time reading political and economic non-fiction, and campaigns for the good guys. He does not play music.


Brendan Clements

Born in Scarborough, Ontario and raised in Whitby, Ontario, Brendan was raised with relatively little political, social, or cultural awareness until late in high school when his interests in a variety of academic fields including politics, social justice and a host of other global issues were spurred by a dynamic high school politics class. Since then, Brendan graduated and is currently entering his fourth year in an Honours-Specialization in Canadian-American relations at the University of Western Ontario, focusing specifically on American Foreign Policy. Upon graduation, Brendan plans on completing a Masters in American Studies also at the University of Western Ontario, with the eventual goal of obtaining another Master’s in Theory and Criticism before pursuing a career as an academic and educator.

Sean Collins

Out of Albany, New York, Sean is currently a senior at the University at Albany, studying Political Science with a focus on urban issues, specifically urban education and urban planning. He works as the IT/Communications Associate at Citizen Action of New York and also does organizing with the Coalition to Save Our SUNY and New York Students Rising. His interests include collecting business cards, wine and beer, Elvis Costello, and karaoke nights.

Michael Dodich

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Michael currently attends the University of Windsor, where he studies history and political science. From a young age he took an interest in politics and current events, both in Canada and around the world. Michael lives and dies by the success of Arsenal FC and the England National soccer team, as well as being an avid hockey fan. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf and pickup soccer.

Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan is a recent graduate of the George Washington University with a Bachelors of Science in Economics and Public Policy. Through his time as an undergraduate he ran the gamut through many political identities and ideologies. Through field research in Mexico and Hong Kong, Kevin has tried to transcend the belief of national boarders as meaningful barometers of society, and engages actively in international policy discussions. He has interned for the Charles Koch Institute and the Regulatory Studies Center, where he focused on regulatory economics. Previous activities also include a variety of personal blogs and a myriad of opinion editorials published across the internet. Today Kevin spends his time reading mathematics textbooks and trying to get into graduate school, while playing instruments and doing 35mm photography when not working.

Andreas Korfmann

Originally from Mississauga, Ontario, Andreas is currently employed in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) as a junior economics and policy analyst. He is in his third year at the University of Toronto studying political science and economics- where he founded and currently runs the University of Toronto Free Democrats. Politics comes naturally for Andreas, having a specific interest in economics and policy; he has worked on several elections and has participated in both partisan and non-partisan initiatives from a young age. When not immersed in politics, Andreas enjoys golfing, photography, cars, skiing, suits and playing with his two cats, Joey and Daisy. Andreas also writes his own blog at

Dillon Fowler

Dillon attends the University of Windsor and is completing his undergraduate degree in History. His interest in politics began with his opposition to the Iraq War, which led to his support for Barack Obama from the night he was elected to the Senate. His interests include listening to folk and blues, movies from the 1970s, and political, historical, and philosophic debates over beers and cigars. He is currently eagerly awaiting the return of Arrested Development.

Marco Glasman

Clare Graham

Julia Green

Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins was born in Arlington Massachusetts, a part of the Greater Boston Area. Higgins is a student at Westfield State University where he is completing his final year for a BA in journalism with a minor in sociology. A strong supporter of worker’s rights, Sean has spent time working with SEIU (Service Employees International Union) on his local campus to organize Sodexo workers, where he is employed during the school year. Also as a former member of MASSPIRG (Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group), he has spent time working on the Hunger and Homelessness Campaign to fight poverty in the city of Westfield and the greater Springfield area.

Spencer Jones

Spencer “The Cheese” Jones is 6’0”, 145lb, fighting out of Whitby, Ontario. Specializing in Genetics at the University of Western Ontario with a minor in dry humour, he has become a master at annoying mass amounts of people with minimal effort. What he lacks in political prowess he makes up for with common sense and surprisingly good looks. When not being generally awesome, Spencer enjoys bench-pressing cattle and snorting rock salt.

Patrick Langille

Born in Montreal, and having spent his childhood in Kuwait as well as Canada, Patrick Langille has traveled all over the world. His political and cultural influences include: Edmund Burke, Faulkner, as well as the works of Kipling. Patrick writes as a political and historical writer for several online and print form media sources.

Theresa Lubowitz

Mischa Menuck

Born and raised in rural Ontario, Michael B. Menuck was always a history buff. This naturally led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Toronto. A born and bred Blue Tory, as well as a self-professed news junkie and political addict, Michael has never been shy when it comes to sharing his opinion or stating things how he sees it. Strong literary and philosophical influences on him have been Edmund Burke, F. A. Hayek and William Buckley Jr.

Alex Moldovan

He is born to immigrant parents who fled from totalitarian Romania to settle in the beautiful little democracy we call Canada. Currently, he attends York University’s Glendon Campus for Political Science. Although he’s still a kid he’s carried his weight in numerous political campaigns all throughout the City of Toronto but mainly finds himself in the neighborhoods that need a political wake-up the most. Alex’s interests lie in political movements, critical analysis, and generally anything that warrants a socio-political shakeup. When he’s not criticizing anything that moves Alex can be found loitering at your local pool hall, lecture hall, bookstore, or weight room. He’s also a Kid Cudi and Canadians fan. Vive les Habitants!

Michael Morgenthau

Michael Morgenthau is a proud Torontonian and student of Political Science at McGill University. From lecture halls to elevators, he’s a political centrist and partisan Liberal with an itch for discussion. His interests include election campaigns, Harry Potter, Monopoly and changing the world.

Sam Nabi

Jay Pandya

Cory Shallow

Cory was born in Montreal, raised in Laval and returned to live in the big city to study economics and illustration. She feels there’s no compromise between arts and social sciences, which means it’s okay to spend most of her free time either making music, essays, or comic books. While not on the run for past-due library books she appropriated, she’s cycling, climbing, working, partying, or spending time at home with her girlfriend, their iguana and cat.

Dan Sprinkle

Hailing from Aloha, Oregon, Dan works for the Ron Wilson Center in Monmouth, Oregon as a support staff for developmentally disabled adults. He studies history and German language at Western Oregon University, where he is in his fourth year. Dan’s history degree largely focuses on contemporary Eastern Europe, as well as Latin America. He is currently working on his senior thesis paper about the life of Ernesto Guevara. Dan has competed in competitive track and field and cross country for eight years now and is entering his final season of eligibility. When not running, or complaining about politics, Dan enjoys cooking, beer, and yelling at sports on television.

Adnan Subzwari

Born in Pakistan, raised in the Middle East, and now living in Toronto, Adnan is a History and Political Science student at the University of Toronto whose main interests lie in Canadian politics and Middle Eastern issues. In particular, his interests lie in Canadian constitutional issues, the monarchy, and the history of democracy. He loves to get into political debates, especially those that incite controversy. While not engaging in debates or blogging on all matter of political issues, Adnan indulges himself in music and art. He is an avid guitar player and aviation enthusiast.

Aahan Talpur

Born in Sindh, Pakistan, Aahan emigrated to Canada in 1998 and became a proud citizen four years later. In his thirteen years of living here, Aahan has visited his homeland many times. As such, he has been blessed with a mult-perspective view on current affairs and world events. He is currently a student at the University of Western Ontario, majoring in Political Science. Follow him on twitter at @mir_of_reason.

Joseph Uranowski

Daniel Waugh

A Florida born Bahamian, Daniel is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Film Making and Video Production. Currently he lives in his hometown of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, and works as a Divemaster and underwater videographer at a local dive shop. Infamous for his Hemmingwayesque thirst and writing as well as his nomadic tendencies, Daniel’s interest in politics has mainly to do with individual rights, civil liberties and the oceanic environment, and names Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson as his greatest inspiration. When not writing, diving or drinking (Or some dangerous combination of all three), he can be found spearfishing, cruising the internet, taking pictures and indulging his wanderlust as best he can on a 90MI X 16MI island.

Jesse Zimmerman

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  1. June 20, 2011 11:29 am

    It would be informative if you included the political leanings of each contributor.

    • June 20, 2011 12:59 pm

      We specifically wished to avoid this because the whole purpose was to have a non-partisan atmosphere here at The Opposition; if we mentioned our political leanings, it would be apparently obvious which party we align ourselves with, thus defeating the purpose of this blog.

      On the other hand, I know that several of us here already write for other sources/ even have their own blogs- if you really needed to know, I’m sure that information would easily become available to you.

  2. June 30, 2011 5:25 pm

    Where is mine?

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